Florida Soy Candle Set


We’ve put together a four-pack of our best-selling soy candles so you’re never without a long-burning, fresh-smelling candle when you need it. This sampler gives you multiple choices for each of our candle sizes, and as always, our candles feature beautiful designs from our own Veronica Stiner and  are created, poured, designed, and assembled 100% in-house here in Orlando, Florida. Perfect for your own home or as a gift, bundle and save when you flick a Bic and catch a whiff.
6oz Soy Candle: Start with your choice of our 35+ hour plus burn candles: Blood Orange, Coconut Lime, Orange Blossom or Sandalwood. 
7.4oz Seasonal Soy Candle: ‘Tis the season, whatever time of the year it is. Choose from our custom Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall candles with 40+ hour burn times and distinctive season scents.
8oz The Fifty Soy Candle: Choose from our four options in this candle edition of our The Fifty series, where we celebrate every state in the US with 100% American-made parts, products, & labor. We’ve got candles saluting Florida (Florida Keys), the Carolinas (Carolina Hills), Hawaii (Hawaiian Islands), and Washington state (Sequim Lavender).
8.5oz Signature Soy Candle: Finish the set with your choice of one of these 50+ hour burn candles: Albino Gator, Beekeeper, Coffee Plant or Sherman’s Fox Squirrel. Don’t be surprised if long after this candle’s clean burn is over, you’re still conversating about the jar’s beautiful watercolor design.

Florida Soy Candle Set Features:

Your choice of four of our best-selling soy candles! Your choices include:

One 6oz Soy Candle: Blood Orange, Coconut Lime, Orange Blossom or Sandalwood

One 7.4oz Seasonal Soy Candle: Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall

One 8oz The Fifty Soy Candle: Carolina Hills, Florida Keys, Hawaiian Islands, Sequim Lavender

One 8.5oz Signature Soy Candle: Albino Gator, Beekeeper, Coffee Plant or Sherman’s Fox Squirrel

  • 100% American made
  • All natural soy wax that holds lots of fragrance
  • Produced from US Grown Soybeans
  • Handcrafted in extremely small quantities
  • This Florida Soy Candle Set was hand-poured in the Orlando, FL workshop and stockroom inside East End Market
  • Read more about the advantages of burning soy candles HERE


About The Makers:

Freehand Goods owners, Seth & Jacob, were introduced by a mutual friend in 2016 in order to create a small batch of handmade leather goods. We didn’t want to be the biggest but we did want to create the highest quality wallets at an affordable price, all produced by hand in the Orlando city limits. Our leather goods are hand cut, dyed & sewn one at a time. Our grooming products are measured, mixed & poured by our four hands. The shirts are printed locally, our candles are poured inside East End Market & our hats are patched up one at a time. You can truly say each one of our products is one of one.

Our product ideas start from scratch & are designed on the fly over a couple beers. We’re inspired by the city we call home, the people we come across & the Florida lifestyle.

We started as a weird pop-up on top of a 1978 U.S. military trailer parked on the side of the road. Within one year, our workshop & stockroom opened inside East End Market, we launched our website, kept doing pop-up events, started our monthly leather workshops & never looked back. Thank you for your support & your interest in our brand.

Additional Information
Weight 63 oz
Dimensions 4.75 × 4.75 × 4.75 in
6oz Soy Candle

Blood Orange, Coconut Lime, Orange Blossom, Sandalwood

7.4oz Seasonal Soy Candle

Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall

8oz The Fifty Soy Candle

Carolina Hills, Florida Keys, Hawaiian Islands, Sequim Lavender

8.5oz Signature Soy Candle

Albino Gator, Beekeeper, Coffee Plant, Fox Squirrel

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