Hoff & Pepper Hot Sauce


Hoff & Pepper Hot Sauce:

Hoff & Pepper® always strives to create sauces and seasonings that enhance flavors with balanced heat profiles. Every one of their handmade products is manufactured in Chattanooga, TN, naturally vegan & gluten-free.

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Hot Sauces by Hoff & Pepper Features:
  • Hoff & Pepper® always strives to create sauces and seasonings that enhance flavors with balanced heat profiles. Every one of their handmade products is manufactured in Chattanooga, TN, naturally vegan & gluten-free.
  • Everyday Hot Sauce: We use fresh Tennessee grown Jalapeños to craft this six-ingredient Everyday Hot Sauce. Those farm fresh peppers along with premium spices and vinegar help retain the incredible flavors of our local chilis. This fan-favorite has just the right amount of heat and tang with a smooth, smoky finish.
  • Mean Green Hot Sauce: We blend farm-fresh Jalapeños and Habaneros with lemongrass and parsley to create a crisp, summery sauce with a delightful tang. This handmade hot sauce pairs perfectly with Mexican foods and melds with a variety of dishes unlike a traditional verde sauce. Like all of our handmade products this is free of additives but full of flavor.
  • Smoken Ghost Hot Sauce: We add Ghost peppers and extra Chipotle to create this rich and smooth flavor king. Smoken Ghost is handmade with premium spices and farm-fresh peppers. Kick up your chili or mix it with mayonnaise to create a delicious chipotle mayo for burgers or subs.
  • Wake Up Call Hot Sauce: Our most complex hot sauce is handcrafted with fresh chilis, gourmet spices, and cold brew coffee to create an incredibly savory hot sauce. This fan-favorite is also our largest hot sauce with 12.7 ounces of deliciousness just waiting to be poured over your next meal.
  • Smoken Ghost Ketchup: Sweet and tangy with a smoky kick from chipotle and ghost pepper, this sauce is all killer, no filler. You won’t find any high fructose corn syrup or thickeners here. Just great taste that’ll play nice with burgers, tots, fries, dogs or whatever your heart desires.
  • Barbecue Sauce: A molasses-based bbq sauce with just a touch of heat and the right amount of sweet. We add a splash of our award-winning Hoff Sauce that kicks this smoky, tangy sauce to the next level. Smother it over your loaded potato or baste your next brisket with this as a finishing sauce.
  • Dirty Dust Seasoning Salt: A seasoning salt based off our award-winning Hoff Sauce. This hand-blended seasoning compliments foods with notes of citrus and a light smoky kick. Take Mexican style street corn to the next level or make spicy pickles using fresh cucumber slices. Zero sugar but a ton of flavor!
  • Chuck Wagon Chili Powder: This handmade seasoning is mixed with dried Ancho, Guajillo, and Pasilla chiles along with Smoked Paprika, Cumin and more. While it’s amazing on chili be sure to try it on your tacos, add it to your burgers, or even mix it with your favorite rub!
  • This Hoff & Pepper Hot Sauce is made in Chattanooga, Tennessee.


About The Makers:

In 2020, we began selling all of the other brands that we have been carrying in our stores, on our website. We hope to become a well rounded online store where you can purchase the Freehand products you know & love along with new brands that you might discover through us. These brands have been tried & tested & live up to the quality standards we have set for our own products so you know you can trust them.


Freehand Goods owners, Seth & Jacob, were introduced by a mutual friend in 2016 in order to create a small batch of handmade leather goods. We didn’t want to be the biggest but we did want to create the highest quality wallets at an affordable price, all produced by hand in the Orlando city limits. Our leather goods are hand cut, dyed & sewn one at a time. Our grooming products are measured, mixed & poured by our four hands. The shirts are printed locally, our candles are poured inside East End Market & our hats are patched up one at a time. You can truly say each one of our products is one of one.


Our product ideas start from scratch & are designed on the fly over a couple beers. We’re inspired by the city we call home, the people we come across & the Florida lifestyle.


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Everyday Hot Sauce – 6.7oz, Mean Green – 6.7oz, Smoken Ghost – 6.7oz, Wake Up Call – 12.7oz, Barbecue Sauce – 12.7oz, Dirty Dust Seasoning Salt – 59.5g, Chuck Wagon Chili Powder – 59.5g, Smoken Ghost Ketchup – 12.7oz

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