Fresh Shave Grooming Bundle


Bring the fun back to face care and make your skin healthy and happy with this essential bundle of shaving swag. This kit has everything you need to treat your skin from pre-game to after party with a concentrated shave cream, an alcohol-free, all-natural After Shave, and your choice of either pre-shave oil or beard oil. All of our grooming products are 100% American made, built in house right here in Orlando, Florida in small batches. Perfect for your own cabinet or as a gift, bundle and save when you treat your skin right, my guy.

Shave Oil: Start with your choice of our pre-shave oil (the floral scents of spearmint and sandalwood) or beard oil (the woodsier tones of fir balsam, orange, and patchouli) to lubricate and prep your skin for a flawless shave.

Shave Cream: Next up is our natural, non-lathering, concentrated shave cream, which makes love to your skin so your blade treats you right. The aromas of peppermint, calming bay rum, and fragrant sweet tobacco add an invigorating kick.

After Shave: Finish with the barbershop bang of our alcohol-free After Shave, a splash of essential oils and extracts with a dash of soothing witch hazel.

Fresh Shave Grooming Bundle:
  • This bundle includes one Shave Cream, one After Shave & your choice between Pre-Shave Oil or Beard Oil which are interchangeable products with different scents!
  • Our natural, non-lathering, concentrated Shave Cream is packed with skin-loving & highly lubricating oils & waxes for a comfortable, smooth shave.
  • An alcohol-free After Shave splash that packs beneficial essential oils & extracts into a soothing witch hazel base.
  • Layered under shaving cream, our Pre-Shave Oil makes for an unbelievably smooth shave, even for the most coarse beards.
  • Handcrafted in Orlando, FL in extremely small quantities.
  • Read more about the benefits of all natural skin and beauty products HERE


About The Maker:

This Fresh Shave Grooming Bundle was handcrafted from start to finish by Jacob Zepf, co-owner of Freehand Goods. Jacob switched from using commercial skin care and grooming products in 2015 after realizing the natural benefits. He also realized that it wasn’t necessary to have a background in Chemistry to make these products at home. His business partner Seth Daniels is currently a Florida licensed barber who had already formulated two unique recipes when the company was formed in 2016. Although Freehand Goods started with only leather wallets, it quickly expanded to offer these After Shave and Pre Shave Oil recipes when the East End Market workshop and stockroom opened in February 2017.

Jacob and Seth continued to work together to formulate more all natural recipes based on what they liked and what the Freehand customers asked for. Solid Colognes were next on the list and have been the most popular sellers to date. Hair products such as the Pomade and Matte Clay were developed shortly after and can now be found in certain barbershops and salons around the City of Orlando. The grooming collection has grown from the original two products to the current offering of almost 20 different all natural items. There are no plans on stopping either. Both Jacob and Seth are constantly rethinking formulations and testing out new products on the shelves. Although Jacob takes care of the grooming product production these days, both members of the Freehand Goods team have the highest standards for ingredient quality and production accuracy when handcrafting these all natural products.

Additional Information
Weight 17 oz
Dimensions 4.5 × 4.5 × 4.5 in

Beard Oil, Pre-Shave Oil



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